A Million Waves of Service: Schurr Key Club brought a total of 14 members to the annual Cali-Nev-Ha Key Club District Convention in Anaheim, Mar. 22-24.

Attendees experienced the powerful force of divisions battling for who has the most spirit, explored the different workshops intended to educate members on several aspects of Key Club, and watched as their now IP vice president Jason Basulto was installed as the 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor of Division 10 South.

Schurr Key Club earned recognition for Distinguished Club Attire, Club of the Year, Outstanding President, Outstanding Vice President, and Outstanding Non-Traditional Club Scrapbook. 

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D10S Honey Boba Fundraiser tomorrow!

Where? Honey Boba 1717 Walnut Grove Ave. Ste. 500 Rosemead, CA 91770

When? Mar. 7, 3-6 p.m. 

Why? All proceeds go to Eliminate Project. Chat up some fellow blue turtles, enjoy a drink, and fill up a free drink card.  

Make sure to present a flier when making payments. See you there, Schurrtles! 

Image from Facebook event page. Credits go to appropriate sources. 

Congratulations 2013-2014 Key Club officers!

Executive Board

President: Jason Duong
Vice President: Jimmy Chen
Secretary: Brandon Fujishima
Treasurer: Lianne Chau (not pictured)
Historian: Wesley Yuen

Senior Representative: Stephanie Ruiz (not pictured)
Junior Representative: n/a; applications TBA
Sophomore Representative: Stella Baik 

Lunch meeting 2/27/13 

Announced upcoming events such as Blanket Making social (3/9, Acuna Park), LA Marathon (3/16), March of Dimes, K1 Day/DCM (3/30) and last but not least… new officers!

Photo credits: Emika Nishi 

Photo Recap: Election night was held at the February night meeting, 2/20. Shown above are candidates for treasurer, secretary, vice president, and president. Click here for part 1

Photo credits: Emika Nishi

Photo Recap: Election night was held at the February night meeting, 2/20.   Shown above are candidates for sophomore representative, senior representative, and historian. Click here for part 2

Photo credits: Emika Nishi

Officer applications due this Wednesday!

Hope you guys have some progress on apps. Turn it into any officer asap. Best of luck to all candidates. 

Important reminders!


Boba grams (“b”): $2

Ferrero Rocher grams (“c”): $3

Both (“b+c”): $5

Due: 2/8


Application due date: 1/30

Candidate interview: 1/31

Election night: night meeting TBA

All members who plan on voting must stay for all the candidates’ speeches. This is to ensure that candidates are not voted based on popularity or personal bias. If anyone has questions about a particular position, please ask the respective officer privately. We would like to keep the candidates anonymous to prevent anyone from backing out. We ask to please keep a sense of integrity during the election process. 

Regardless of being an underclassman or not, we as officers highly encourage members to run. Being an officer requires dedication, passion, and determination, but it is highly rewarding. While forming tight knit bonds with fellow officers, one can discover the fulfilling feeling of leading members and being enthusiastic about service.

We will be looking for candidates with the intention of serving the community and making a difference. Once an officer is elected, he or she is committing to a full term of dedication to Key Club. Please be aware of that when deciding to run for a position. 

We wish all candidates the best of luck.   

A sneak peak of the Key Club Valentine’s Day grams. We will reveal what we are selling tomorrow at the lunch meeting. Don’t forget! 

Rose Float Decoration Reminders

Many of you Schurrtles most likely have not been to a decoration shift before, so here are some quick tips and cautions to take: 
  • Follow their dress code. Wear clothes that you don’t mind dirtying because we will be working with ground flowers/rice/seeds and tacky glue. Tie long hair back. No open toed shoes (wear old shoes too, because glue might spill on them). No jewelry either. 
  • Bundle up. Since we will be working in Pasadena, the cold will be unforgiving. Pack a few layers in your bags.  
  • Be courteous of the staff. They are strict for a reason; they need to get the job done in time for the parade. Please be responsible and wary of the fact that we are representing Schurr High School and Key Club International. Do not talk back, and do what they ask you. 
  • Don’t take any photos. They are very strict about this rule. Most likely this is imposed to avoid any unfair previews of the floats. 
  • Don’t eat or drink inside the decorating area. Breaks should be taken outside. Dinner will be served roughly halfway through our 4 p.m.~11 p.m. shift. They will check for wristbands. We will also eat outside (so once again, DRESS WARM.)

More information about rules and regulations, the 2013 float concept illustration, and other sources of information are listed here

**IMPORTANT** If you are planning on going, please contact your respective class representative or officer ASAP. Ride slots are limited because officers are providing them.  

See you guys there!  

Serving holiday cheer: Schurr Key Clubbers participated in distributing food to the unfortunate at the annual Christmas at the Cannon event Dec. 24. Members were kept on their feet throughout the day, whether it was distributing toys, greeting incomers, or waiting tables. They were rewarded with a well-deserved meal at the end of the day. 

Photo credits: Emika Nishi